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High pressure tubing

High pressure tubing


Flexible high pressure tubing is reinforced with high strength fibre braiding.


This type of tubing is the main part of angiography extension lines.

Standard product


  • Main material : thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
  • Reinforcement : nylon fibre.

Dimensions :

  • Outer diameter : 3.65mm (0.144”)
  • Inner diameter : 1.80mm (0.071”)

Performances :

  • Maximum utilisation pressure : 84 bars (1,200 psi)
  • Excellent transparency
  • Excellent flexibility
Sheath with slippery inner liner

Sheath with slippery inner liner

The material of the outer layer of these sheaths provides the desired mechanical properties. For example it can be made of PEBA or TPU of chosen hardness.

A thin inner layer made of high density polyethylene provides an inner slippery surface. A surface treatment ensures a perfect adhesion of the hdPE liner onto the outer layer.

More over metallic wires are included in the wall as a coil or a braid in order to improve mechanical performance of the tube.

Unlike other procedures, this process is a continuous extrusion, which allows lower manufacturing cost.