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Learn More About Saint-Gobain Life Sciences

Learn More About Saint-Gobain Life Sciences

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Dedicated to improving the quality of life, Saint-Gobain Life Sciences develops and manufactures high-performance components and integrated solutions that touch a broad range of patient care, from the development of new therapeutic cancer treatments to biopharmaceutical production, on through to intravenous therapies for drug delivery.



At the service of medical industry

At the service of medical industry

 95 % of our production is geared towards the medical industry. The semifinished products from MS Techniques make up part of the manufacture of a multitude of medico-surgical instruments:
  • catheter
  • introducers
  • delivery systems,
  • endoscopes,
  • minimally invasive instruments
  • ...
 or accessories :
  • high pressure extension lines,
  • multi-chanel extension lines,
  • support tubing and filling tubing
  • ...
Technical Knowledge

Technical Knowledge

 Customised precision extrusion:
  • flexible and rigid tubing
  • shaped section
  • sheathing extrusion.
 Customised compounds:
  • loaded plastic compounds: fillers, pigments, additives ,
  • Polymer mixes.
 Tube manufacture:
  • shaping,
  • tip forming,
  • thermoforming,
  • over-moulding.